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In IIT-JEE preparation, we mentor students to score more in their B.Tech and academic endeavours in subjects like Physics
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BBA/MBA is the interface to enter the world of Business Leaders and Business Managers of the Millennium
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CLAT stands for law school admission test and One can either pursue a three-year law course (LLB) after graduation
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We also help in SAT I & II. English language and communication and verbal tests and subject tests later constitute the
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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) conduct a Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) every year for the admission to its B-Tech and other courses offered at the IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Chennai, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati, IIT Roorkee, IT Varanasi and ISM Dhanbad.

Physics syllabus For IIT JEE

General: Units and dimensions, dimensional analysis; least count, significant figures; Methods of measurement and error analysis for physical quantities pertaining to the following experiments: Experiments based on using Vernier callipers and screw gauge (micrometre), Determination of g using simple pendulum, Young's modulus by Searle's method, Specific heat of a liquid using calorimeter, focal length of a concave mirror and a convex lens using u-v method, Speed of sound using resonance column, Verification of Ohm's law using voltmeter and ammeter, and specific resistance of the material of a wire using meter bridge and post office box. For further details candidates can go to this IITJEE

Differential calculus TOPIC syllabus for IIT -JEE

Real valued functions of a real variable, into, onto and one-to-one functions, sum, difference, product and quotient of two functions, composite functions, absolute value, polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. Limit and continuity of a function, limit and continuity of the sum, difference, product and quotient of two functions, hospital rule of evaluation of limits of functions.

Even and odd functions, inverse of a function, continuity of composite functions, intermediate value property of continuous functions. Derivative of a function, derivative of the sum, difference, product and quotient of two functions, chain rule, derivatives of polynomial, rational, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions. For further details candidates can go to this IITJEE

To prepare for NEET and IIT JEE the student has to focus on the topic wise marks distribution and then begin their studies. Availability of basic study material and subject text book of Physics, Chemistry , Biology and Mathematics is important.Also important is enrolment to a coaching centre and Private tutoring . This will ensure that the student can lag behind in the rat race. Our IIT JEE Tutors follow the most customised educational practice. We believe that the learning requirements of students vary so do their academic solutions. Emphasis is laid on learning by doing practice ,practice and practice.

Specialized NEET and IIT-JEE NEET Tutors Available For Areas / Locations

NEET and IIT-JEE NEET Tutors Available For Following Subjects

One of our objective at TUTORCOM is to try to influence learners outcome through continuous assessment. In contemporary education system Case study and role plays form an integral part of learning outcome. Tutors at TUTORCOM endeavour towards this end too.

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