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In IIT-JEE preparation, we mentor students to score more in their B.Tech and academic endeavours in subjects like Physics
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BBA/MBA is the interface to enter the world of Business Leaders and Business Managers of the Millennium
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CLAT stands for law school admission test and One can either pursue a three-year law course (LLB) after graduation
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We also help in SAT I & II. English language and communication and verbal tests and subject tests later constitute the
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sat writing grammar|usage and word choice sat writing grammar | Call 997101-6770,971124-3194
Call Us: +91.997101-6770, +91.971124-3194
home tuition for sat score 2000 plus in multiples,usage and word choice Please call 9971016770 ,.9711243194 and just feel the difference in our quality of academic services.
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Home Tutor For home tuition for sat score 2000 plus in multiples,usage and word choice In North Avenue Just Sms To 9971016770.Home Tutor For home tuition for sat score 2000 plus in multiples,usage and word choice English In North Avenue, Home Tutor For Sat Mathematics In North Avenue,
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SAT Grammer tests only a small part of standard written ENGLISH. Grammer usage means how we express our thoughts i.e. the connections between the words in a sentence be logically sound and their expression ust confirm to the standard, Idiom usage . Pronoun errors , Subject-Verb agreement , Misplaced and redundant Modifiers , Faulty Parallelism ,faulty Verb. Tense and Idiom are the broad six areas of Grammer tested in SAT EXAM. Improving paragraphs and Improving sentences are the two question types put to test in the writing section/ grammer section of SAT. Critical reading section of SAT includes Main Idea questions, descriptive questions .extension questions Application questions and Tone questions . In Extension questions you may find” The Same Language Traps” where any answer choice that explicitly refers to or repeats a statement in the passage will probably be wrong . In Tone questions you are asked to identify the writers attitude or perspective .Is the writer’s feeling towards the subject positive, negative or neutral ? Does the writergive his own opinion, or does he objectively present the opinion of others ? Some of the ANALOGY Indicators in INDUCTIVE ARGUMENTS question include words like – LIKE, LIKEWISE ,SIMILAR , ALSO , TOO , COMPARED TO, AS WITH,JUST AS – So on. Now we come to the Crux of SAT matter which is the word list and sat vocabulary section . The art of MASTERING THE SAT WORD LIST includes only one proven formulae --- learning, practice and doing it Again and again . a LIST OF 400 WORDS IS ESSENTIAL IN sat WHICH IS GIVEN in all standard practice manuals.You need to master them TO SCORE 2000 PLUS IN SAT EXAM. Using flash cards also improve vocabulary . In fact MASTERING SAT is about MASTERING SAT Vocabulary. Also don’t forget the importance of ESSY questions which form a major part of SAT WRITING TEST .

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